KWAN Pun LeungProject No.9064 1990

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What this is about

Project No.9064 is the first piece with numbers, and numbers are very important in Hong Kong. The number 2 in Cantonese sounds like the word “easy”; 3 sounds like the words “lively and energetic”; while 8 is the most important one as it sounds like the words “growth and wealth”. Car number plates in Hong Kong with numbers like 88 can sell for half million dollars. People believe that things with good numbers will bring good fortune. In Hong Kong, the Tiananmen Square massacre on 4th June 1989 is called the “six four incident”. “9064” refers to the year after this political movement and carries a political subtext in this documentary of Zuni Icosahedron going to England. The song “China is a big garden”, sung in Mandarin, is no longer a neutral children’s song; here it brings sadness and arouses complex emotions.

About the artist

KWAN Pun-leung, a Hong Kong visual media veteran, is Technical Art graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and sociology graduate of the Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He began his career as a photographer in culture magazines and independent music scene. In 1994, Kwan was committed by the 1st International Arts Festival Brussels to produce a photo-reportage about Hong Kong. In the same year, he was awarded the Afga 94 Young Photographer5 Award. He made his motion picture debut in 1997, as director of photography on the acclaimed Asian director Stanley Kwan’s Hold you Tight. The film was awarded the Afred Bauer Prize at the 48th Berlin International Film Festival. Kwan was also the director of photography on Stanley Kwan’s The Island Tales, Ip Kam-hung’s Lavender, Ann Hui’s July Rhapsody, Wong Kar-wai’s film In the Mood For Love, and the National Geographic documentary Two Way Tea Journey. Kwan also co-directed with Amos Lee Bueno’s Aires Zero Degree: The making of Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together. In 2001, he became the Senior Lecturer in Cinematography of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.