FUNG Meiwah MayShe Said Why Me 2016

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A remake of May Fung's work She Said Why Me (1989). She does not run amok in the city anymore. This was once her city, but now it is no longer hers. Did the city desert her, or did she reject it instead? She is not moving now, staying put, using her hands and body to push herself away.

About the artist

May Fung created over 10 short experimental films between 1977 and 1985 and over 20 video works from1986 onwards. Later she created video installations and put video art into the theatre. Fung is also passionate about the development of visual and performing arts, and received a fellowship from the Asian Culture Council for researching video art in New Yorkin 1994. In 1999 Fung was awarded the Hong Kong Arts Development Council “Arts Development Scholarship” for video installation art.  She has been an assessor or juror for various video and film festivals/exhibition in Hong Kong, and is now an examiner and advisor to the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In addition, Fung is the chairperson of Art & Culture Outreach, a non-profit charitable arts organization.