LAM Wai KitOn the Phone 2005

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What this is about

I am interested with the notion of identification, assimilation and also the questions of existence. My research starts from the transformation of images and sounds in order to investigate the subtle relationship between individuals and surrounding circumstances. The last but not the least, I would like to examine our responses under the uncertainty and insecurity in our post-modern era.

The investigation of identification is not an unfamiliar topic since a long time ago. We examine our habits and inspect our own selves because we got an endless desire of searching the notion of existence. These desires indeed arouse numerous questions in our lives.

Undoubtedly, the quest of identification is not only an examination of one's glory or dishonor; this is also the hint of the general cognition. And this is also a criticism of the contemporary society. The pursuit of identification is a pathway to the assimilation of the self and the identity as well as the culture. Hence the identity of the society is based on the ideology of assimilation. Indeed this effort arouses the criticism of our society, we can never escape it and we have to confront it. By the way, many artists readjust and transcend the supposed cognition into their unique ways; this is no longer simply a reflection of his/her own self, it is not merely an expression as well. On the contrary, this is an investigation of the identification of the society and the criticism of the notion of existence.

The elements of this video are based on a somehow necessary in our contemporary lives: talking with the mobile phone. This easy and simple way of communication is no doubt a developed or even overwhelmed culture pattern. We take for grant that it is a part of our lives; we neglect its value of existence. According to this, does it mean that it cannot bring us any impact anymore? Indeed, the denotation of communication is not only a kind of message exchange, its signification is based on the way of how we use it and translate it. It can be unique and symbolic, or with an incomparable context. In this video, I would like to transcend this physical gesture into a non-physical ideology through the investigation of communication.

Wai Kit Lam, 2.2005, Hong Kong, China

About the artist
LAM Wai-kit was born in Hong Kong. She lives and works in Hong Kong and Ferrara (Italy). She graduated with her BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK and with her MFA at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her media of interest include photography, video art, sound and mixed media. Her research topics include the construction of identity and the questions of existence. She is concerned about the relationship between individuals and surrounding circumstances; and tries to reconstruct images and daily experiences to search for the notion and representation of identification. Since 1996, she has held solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Italy and Canada. Her works have been collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private collections in the UK, Italy, Canada, America, Australia and Hong Kong. From 2003, Lam is one of the main collaborators of the Italian AMAE Art group.