Fion NG Yin ChunGu Nui Gei / 溝女機 1997

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What this is about
Is it politically correct to play with gender as if it's a game? In Chinese, an ideogram is used to form words that symbolize the idea of a thing, an example is the Chinese character for female and when the character of three girls standing together means "rape." How fascinating that the Chinese foresaw the development of feminism thousand years ago! But let's start to stand together......
Look into the eyes of the slot machine doll to find out.
About the artist

NG Yin-chun Fion was born in Hong Kong. She is a cultural event organizer, critic and part-time teacher. She has curated a variety of programmes for overseas festivals and art institutions including the Microwave International Media Art Festival (Hong Kong), "Oil Fiction" and "Imagetripping" for the 5th Festiva (Lima, Peru, 2000), "Sick and Dizzy" for Media Art Asia Pacific (Brisbane, Australia, 2000), Foreign Matter program, Antimatter Underground Film Festival (Victoria, Canada, 2005). Her videos have been selected or commissioned by various international art festivals and exhibitions such as Hong Kong Arts Festival, European Media Art Festival, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific and Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, "Asianvibe. Arte Contemporaneo Asiatico" at I'Espai d' Art Contemporani de Castello in Castello, etc. She holds a MFA major in media design and technology from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Recently, she is appointed to research on the development of new media art in Hong Kong for Hong Kong Arts Development Council. She is also the education and promotion officer of Hong Kong Film Critics Society.